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How OLX Became a Success

OLX, today’s leading digital classified ads platform in the world, has a long history prior to its world-renowned success. It is the brainchild of co-founders Fabrice Grinda and Alex Oxenford, who were courageous enough to initiate a startup in 2004.

Grinda is also the founder of Zinga, one of the most popular mobile media companies in the early 2000s especially in the US and Mexico. The previous success of Zinga has enabled Grinda to fund the classified ads initiative. Little did Grinda and Oxenford know back then that their vision would go beyond North America just like how they took classified advertising to the next level.

OLX Through the Years

Just two years after its foundation, OLX already became an award-winning website, dominating the industry across all major regions in the world.

In 2009, OLX has already reached more than 100 markets with over 40 languages supported. With the ease of use it boasts about for every user, it instantly became the number one go-to for classified ads.

The existence of OLX marks a revolutionary breakthrough in advertising since it led the shift to digital from print. All services have been made convenient for everyone, encouraging others to follow course and to build their respective startups.

In 2010, OLX has been recognized by amNY, a leading business Magazine in the US, as one of the top 10 startups in New York City (NYC). Its success continues to echo to the present day as millions of advertisers flock the free classified ads services of OLX. More importantly, tens of billions of views are said to be made every month.

That is quite no longer a surprise since everything can already be found in the website— jobs, goods, and services. Advertisers and consumers alike will find the company’s offerings beneficial to all their dealings.

The continuous success of OLX probably lies in the way it understands and values the needs of all its clients. With a customer-first approach, the company is able to meet all demands efficiently and without causing hassle to advertisers and customers alike. Taking care of its clients constantly is the reason behind the immense growth of OLX.

OLX in the UAE

One of the most successful subsidiaries of OLX is Dubizzle Ajman, which is now among the best classified ads website in the UAE. UAE is one of the countries where classified advertising is prosperous and important. Needless to say, having one of the best subsidiaries in the country plays an important role in the global success of OLX.

Like its parent company, Dubizzle has listings of all kinds. Whether a user is looking for personal effects, jobs, properties, or crash courses, it is the place to go. Even recruiters who are looking for potential employers can visit the website and not be disappointed.

More importantly, Dubizzle is very easy to use. Almost everything in the sitemap is self-explanatory. Posting ads is free but advertisers can also opt for paid services should they want to generate more leads.

Post by dubizzlebusiness (2016-10-20 13:15)

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